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Known As the "Black Swordsman, the Twin blade Swordsman, Beater, and Detective-Kun" This is Kazuto " Kirito " Kirigaya | See more about Light novel, Sword. Personality. Kirito is someone who is not good with words, as stated by Klein, and can be quite direct. This is due to him not having many friends and closing. Kirito, wie er sich im Spiel nennt, seine Ansicht bei und beschließt anfangs alleine das Spiel zu meistern. Diese Prinzipien führen schließlich dazu, dass er sich.

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Wenn die Zeit zu dem Tag zurückgedreht werden würde, an dem das NerveGear an dich geliefert wurde, würdest du es immer noch aufsetzen und an SAO teilnehmen? Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Sword Art Online's Kirito". Es ist auch okay, wenn es durch OSS geschieht A. Kirito and Eugeo then began to retreat into the Cathedral's garden, while getting directions from Charlotte pulling Kirito's hair in a certain direction at every crossroad. Kayaba lauded Kirito and announced that he would be waiting on the th Floor as the final boss. Obtained on December 27, Having resolved his decision, he faced the doors and followed the other raid members as they charged into the boss room and commenced battle with Illfang and his guards. The player fainted, and Kirito carried her outside of the Labyrinth they were in. However, just as the boss's HP neared depletion, it recovered while the tanks were still recovering from their post-motion delays, prompting Kirito and Asuna to finish off the boss themselves. Anime Episodes Anime Information. kirito

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Sword Art Online - Kirito vs. The Gleam Eyes [Eng Sub] (HD) Eugeo finished his current Sacred Task and chose his next: This mystery touched upon the past of a long-forgotten guild, Golden Apple , and the reason behind the death of its female guild leader, Griselda. While wondering how Kibaou had learned of his history as a former beta tester, Kirito suddenly realized Kibaou was still wearing the same equipment from the day before; if he really had enough money to buy his Anneal Blade and was rejected, he should have used the funds to upgrade his weapon and armor. Es kommt somit nicht selten vor, dass beide ziemlich aneinander geraten, was durch Kirito geradezu herauf beschworen wird, da er in seiner Wortwahl nie sehr diplomatisch vorgeht, sondern meistens offen hinaus posaunt, was er denkt. Ich glaube, die Geschichte über die Zeit, als ich mich den Rittern des Blutschwurs entgegengestellt habe, als sie von Asuna geführt wurden, wird früher oder später erzählt werden. Kirito tends to use a single handed straight sword. Light Novel Light Novel Volumes. Kirito later appeared in front of the 27 th Floor boss room to prevent a large guild from interfering with the Sleeping Knight's attempt at beating the Floor Boss. After being notified by the system that maintenance was shutting the servers off for three hours, they decided to log off at an inn not too expensive, as Kirito was now broke. Kirito then logged Asuna out, and after he was the only one left, Kayaba came out and talked with him again. On December 28, , at 9: Also war Asuna deine erste Liebe, wie ich es dachte? One of the lucky players accepted into the closed-beta, Kirito hundreds of hours of playtime. During the battle, Kirito had a difficult time gaining the upper hand. Anstelle des normalen schwarzen Schopfes standen seine schwarzen Haare in natürlichen Spikes ab. Shortly after logging in to the fully released On online games, Kirito was stopped by a stranger. Oberon cursed Kayaba for interfering with him, even after his death, and he tried to attack Kirito, but Kirito parried his attacks with no effort and then quickly sliced and gratis drei gewinnt spiele him which let Oberon started trembling from the pain and tossed him up to stab him in the right eye, killing him, and then freed Asuna.

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